Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy aids are a specialist form of personal flotation device (PFD) used most commonly by kayakers, canoeists and dinghy sailors. They are designed as a flotation aid, rather than a life-saving device and have several key differences to other PFD's and lifejackets. Regardless of the specification of buoyancy aids, it is important to remember that they do not provide (nor are they intended to) the same high level of protection as lifejackets. Therefore, they should not be used as a substitute for a life-jacket, particularly where children are concerned. Canoeing and kayaking buoyancy aids are designed with mobility in mind. A buoyancy aid that doesn't fit properly can restrict a paddler's (kayaker's) range of movement, which could cause them to tire or prevent them from paddling properly. They typically have front and back foam buoyancy, with none or very little around the sides to allow for better arm movements.